Dex – the road to multiplatform

Dex began its journey as a game for Windows, controlled by keyboard and mouse. Although we promised in our Kickstarter campaign to ultimately bring Dex to more platforms, at the beginning we were focused almost solely on this PC version. One of Dex’s strengths is its vast hand-drawn locations of the city of Harbor Prime. Every corner and every facade is unique. Our intention was to avoid a patterned repetition of the environment so it was necessary to use a […]

Development of Dex

Dex was developed over several years. Just like its titular character in the story, the game was subject to a lot of iterations and experienced a lot of useful improvements along the way. The first publicly accessible version was Early Access on Steam. In that build, you could run amok through shabby parts of the city of Harbor Prime – from the Scrapyard to the Centre, and from the Chinese Quarter to the area of the Sewers where an old […]

The End of Cyberpunk

Since the summer release of the console version of Dex, our very own cyberpunk RPG game, we’ve really enjoyed bringing you a weekly blog-based article on the richly engrossing and forever-relevant cyberpunk culture.   What did we cover? Take a look back yourself – it really was a whole lot of ground: From defining cyberpunk as a genre to the world’s most seminal cyberpunk works that gave us inspiration during the development of Dex. We also wrote on the topics […]

XV. Don’t get hacked

Hackers like Decker, Raycast and Dex aren’t just dab hands at infiltrating data systems, they’re also masters of stopping others infiltrating theirs. In our post, ‚The top ten things you didn’t know about hacking,‘ we looked at a range of ways in which hackers can access your data without you ever knowing about it. Now it’s time to take a look at some ways you can defend yourself against them. This is not the stuff of a cyberpunk future – […]