IX. Transhumanism

We have pretty well finished the geographical exploration of the earth; we have pushed the scientific exploration of nature, both lifeless and living, to a point at which its main outlines have become clear; but the exploration of human nature and its possibilities has scarcely begun. A vast New World of uncharted possibilities awaits its Columbus. – Julian Huxley There is no way to stop the forward march of technology. The technological boom of recent years has created incredible phenomena […]

VIII. Cyberpunk’s Related Genres

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction. As such, it shares many similarities with sci-fi in general. However, there are other subgenres that are even more tightly connected with cyberpunk, some of which are its direct descendants or variations. Post-Cyberpunk One of the most distinctive branches of classical cyberpunk is post-cyberpunk. This genre puts the same emphasis on advanced technologies of the near future (such as cyberspace, cyborgization, and artificial intelligences), but without a dystopian society and corporate rule. It […]

VII. Dystopia and the fight for freedom

The majority of dystopian cyberpunk worlds are built on several features typical to the genre. Most of all, they depict the unchecked hegemony of future corporations and media, and the massive rise in technological advancement as a result of corporate centralization. These features are manifest across a landscape of corporate seats of power, each built upon the continued degeneration of public society. Cyberpunk corporations secure their governorship in a variety of different ways. Sometimes they rule openly and with no […]

VI. Cyborgism

“It’s in our Nature to want to rise above our limits. Think about it. We were cold, so we harnessed fire. We were weak, so we invented tools. Every time we met an obstacle, we used creativity and ingenuity to overcome it. The cycle is inevitable… but will the outcome always be good? I guess that will depend on how we approach it.“ - Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Cyborgism 11:10 Cyborgs are organisms composed of both organic and […]