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The End of Cyberpunk


Since the summer release of the console version of Dex, our very own cyberpunk RPG game, we’ve really enjoyed bringing you a weekly blog-based article on the richly engrossing and forever-relevant cyberpunk culture.  

What did we cover? Take a look back yourself – it really was a whole lot of ground: From defining cyberpunk as a genre to the world’s most seminal cyberpunk works that gave us inspiration during the development of Dex. We also wrote on the topics and themes that make cyberpunk distinct, such as artificial reality, body augmentation, dystopian societies, hacking and the idea of ​​transhumanism.

Of the fifteen articles we sent out into the world over these last four months, perhaps the most pleasing was our Japanese cyberpunk article, which saw readership stats soar way beyond expected levels. Its hundreds of shares and thousands of readers showed us just how important it is to our audience to see a developer blog jam-full of thematic content.

And yet… all good things must come to an end, and our cyberpunk blog series is no exception. With a full year and a half passed since Dex’s initial release, we’ve published on every topic and theme we wanted to. It’s time to call it a day. But, although our cyberpunk series now recedes into history, the blog itself goes on. We do have much more to share. And we do have much more to tell you.

gtAs you may know, Dreadlocks are working on a brand new title, and with it a whole new range of eye-popping themes. Once again, as we dig deep into our development, hungry for new ideas, stories and perspectives – we want to use the blog to bring you our latest devourings.  

Ghost Theory is an adventurous and dread-filled affair with the unknown, replete with sinister stories of the supernatural, dark myths and the science of the paranormal. In our next series of articles, coming very soon, you can look forward to chilling accounts of the most haunted real-life locations in the world and, since Ghost Theory is primarily concerned with scientific approaches to the paranormal, we have eight articles all ready to go on the subject of parapsychology: we look forward to unveiling some of the leading theories in the field. Also as part of the upcoming content, we’ll be introducing you to some of the methods and procedures used by ghost hunters today.

The development of Ghost Theory is still in its early phases. Just a few weeks have passed since we switched to the brand new technology of CryEngine, and this means we are focusing all of our resources and energies on driving the development forward. But even with all this other stuff we have to do, we simply can’t deny you a regular serving of words, thoughts and stories from our team. So, look out for the next series of articles on all things Ghost Theory, which we will now be publishing on a monthly basis.

So, what else have we got for you on our new game? Besides our article drip-feed, you can expect various devlogs and exclusive studio insights. We are also working on a video devlog serial which will bring you inside both our studio and the real life haunted places that we want to put into the game.

stehovaniAs for the latest studio news – one of the most important recent changes for us was moving to a new office. The new home of Dreadlocks is located just a few streets away from our last, but we’ve switched from an oversized office metropolis to a neighbourly villa. As you can imagine, it’s way more suitable for both our team and the project we are working on. Old houses just have their own charm, history and secrets. And, unless your gran is planning on sending us snail mail, nothing changes in how to reach us: all our webs, blogs and e-mails remain the same.

So, we’re looking forward to coming at you again with the first of our upcoming articles! Peace out.