I. What Is Cyberpunk?
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Time really flies


Well, that’s the way it is. Time is running inexorably and we only rarely get a chance to stop and look back for a moment. We think about the future, chasing after our dreams and plans. And we leave our past behind. But sometimes we just can’t help returning to our past. It mainly happens at times when it’s clear that something will change soon and the things that we have been used to will become mere memories.


All forces are now concentrated on Dex, a cyberpunk RPG.

One such moment is approaching right now. Of course, everybody in Dreadlocks is working hard to complete Dex. Nothing has changed about that. But we would be against ourselves if, a few months before its release, we didn’t start communicating a little more with you – Dreadlocks fans, cyberpunk enthusiasts and game journalists. Therefore, starting today, we’re completely changing the design of the website and we are also finally starting a blog, which we have actually planned to launch for a long time. This opens new ways to spread hot news about the work of our developers, juicy background information and other highlights from the world of games and interactive media. New things are coming, so it’s appropriate to briefly recall the events that have brought us here.

It was nearly four years ago when the enthusiastic ideas of several Czech developers turned into a small game studio. Our small team didn’t even have a name at that time and everything we did was improvised. We worked on games in the evenings and we had to club together to run the studio. We were very inexperienced and the work didn’t go very smoothly. Moreover, everything proved more difficult than we had expected.


Sceneries from one of the cancelled projects.

The conditions in which Dreadlocks worked during the first two years of existence look almost funny in retrospect. We worked inefficiently, learning things along the way, but the biggest problem was that we just couldn’t choose. The tendency not to drop a “good” idea led us to constantly switch from one interesting project to another. That’s the reason only Rune Legend was created in the early years, while many other more or less promising things had to be suspended or even discarded. Eventually, Dex became the last nail in the coffin of all the unfinished projects. Not only that this cyberpunk RPG platformer seemed to be a great idea, but it finally forced us to concentrate all our power in one direction.


Our offices are currently full beyond our capacity.

The success achieved by Rune Legend after its release gave us the strength to continue our work, but it was only Dex that has made us what we are today. We no longer work at night. Our office, recently absolutely overcrowded, experiences the relentless hustle of developers on a daily basis. Things have taken the right direction and momentum, and we are left to freely drift by the current of events. But something has remained. We continue to do our job with enthusiasm and commitment, and we do it primarily for you. Therefore, we believe and hope that this blog, the new Dreadlocks website and Dex, after its release in a few months, will change your life just as it is changing ours.

Václav Sahula