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Investigate authentic haunted grounds in a ghost hunting adventure.
Now in development.

Authentic haunted locations

We've been in talks with owners of private properties and convinced many of them to let us recreate their house and story, making Ghost Theory that much more authentic.

Professional ghost hunting

As part of a university research team, you will solve haunting cases and gather data allowing your fellow scientists to upgrade your ghost hunting gadgets and get ever closer to solving the eternal mystery of the afterlife.

Ghost Encounters

Each location will be an open-ended haunted ground with its own backstory for you to discover. But the more you explore and poke around, the more you risk angering the lingering spirits that roam the place. Ghosts will stalk and harass you, becoming more aggressive as you get closer to your objective.

Support for virtual reality headsets

The game's design and user interface will take full advantage of VR technology. But don't worry, the game will also be perfectly playable without it.


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