Investigate authentic haunted grounds in a ghost hunting adventure.
Now in development.

Professional Ghost Hunting

A struggling university department asks you to join their secret research team, making you an operative in paranormal investigations. Using a wide range of authentic ghost hunting gadgets (such as an EMF meter and full-spectrum camera) you will collect samples and gather evidence that will help you to dig deeper into the unknown and your fellow scientists to upgrade your equipment.

Real Haunted Locations

You will travel the world to conduct investigative missions at the most world's most haunted grounds. Have you ever heard of plague doctors from Poveglia Island, lost souls of the Suicide forest or Pontefract's poltergeist? In this game you'll face them all.
real haunted locations

Psychological Horror

Even though this is a horror game, do not expect ghosts to be jumping out at you from the darkness for no reason. In fact, most of them won't respond to your mere presence at all, unless you make them. It is your task to find out how, if you hope to meet your objectives.

Explore the Past

Your para-ability called clairvoyance allows you to experience flashbacks associated with an object's history, which may give you important information about a ghost’s past or reveal further clues connected to your investigation.

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