Experience the tough cyberpunk world of the near future!
You can expect dozens of hand-drawn locations, thrilling fights, sophisticated character development and much more!

For PS4/PS Vita and Xbox One

You will receive DLC with additional armor suits for free. Just choose your platform!

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Two Sides of Harbor Prime

The outskirts of the city are plagued by crime, poverty and filth. Out there, every day is a new struggle for survival. The wealthier districts are full of skyscrapers and bustling businesses. Yet beneath the sleek exterior, another war is going on, as powerful corporations are constantly at each other's throats. Woe to those who become entangled in their conspiracies.
The streets of Harbor Prime offer countless opportunities. In this open world, you get to influence the fate of everyone you meet, fight against dangerous gangs, expose corporate secrets, dive into the depths of Cyberspace, develop Dex's skills, and much more.

Fate in Your Hands

Dex is the heroine, albeit against her will. Chased by corporate mercs, without a clue as to why, she gets thrown into a web of intrigue, leading her to question the origins of her own existence. A trio of hacktivists help her in her quest — the mysterious Raycast, the protective Decker and the light-minded Tony. Only you get to decide how the story ends.
Real-Time Combat

Real-Time Combat

Dex's flexible real-time combat system is reminiscent of the classic arcade games from the 90s, and offers many ways to deal with your opponents. Besides melee combat, Dex can also handle a variety of firearms, or alter the physical world via augmented reality. Use mechanical implants to make yourself nearly invincible.


The future is filled with sophisticated security systems and foes sporting robotic implants. Yet those can easily be incapacitated or even destroyed by venturing through Cyberspace, an artificial realm inhabited by malicious viruses, security towers, walls, gates, black holes and other deadly entities.
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Enhanced Version

Our goal is always to make the game more fun for you. That is why we kept working on Dex even after its release and took all your feedback into account. Thanks to you, we eventually released the Enhanced Version of Dex on October 5th. The user interface was remodeled, the augmented reality feature was revamped, manual saves were added, and these are just a few of the many improvements that this version brings. This Enhanced Version is available for free to everyone who owns Dex.

Become a part of the cyberpunk world!

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Free DLC - Extra Outfits

You can access this free DLC on Steam and expand your gameplay options by adding three special outfits for Dex. The Samio Cyberwear allows you to regenerate your Focus when hacking, the Euroforce BattleRig offers physical protection against bullets, and the Armagear InvisiSuit can make you invisible! You’ll have to be on the lookout for clues about their location, and face serious opposition before earning them!
This DLC is not included in the game by default, and must be first activated on Steam by clicking “Play game” on the corresponding page.


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