I. Introduction to parapsychology

Extrasensory perception and psychokinesis What exactly is parapsychology? Parapsychology or psychotronics is a science that focuses on the existence of and research into hidden phenomena that surpass the familiar five human sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. Various psychic phenomena that transcend the boundaries of everyday experience and the laws of nature in general have been recorded by people since the Middle Ages. In today’s modern world, however, this science is differentiated into two psychic phenomena, namely extrasensory […]

Another day at the office

A day at Dreadlocks can start anywhere between 9 and 11. We work on the second floor of a small villa and have an amazing kitchen. People drip in and drink their morning poison – largely tea, we are mad about tea – flick through their mail, eat breakfast… This is also the time when those of us working on a particular problem check up on teammates to see if any out-of-hours progress has been made. Then work starts. Every […]

Art and visual development in Dex

Dex combines an RPG system with action combat in the style of arcade beat’em up games from the 80s. But what grabs eyes most of all is its unique artstyle, which was brought to the project by lead artist Prokop Smetana. A significant chunk of inspiration for the game came from the book Neuromancer by William Gibson, a founding work for many archetypes of the genre. Our game characters were created in a Pixel-art style, hand-drawn and animated frame-by-frame so […]

Dex – the road to multiplatform

Dex began its journey as a game for Windows, controlled by keyboard and mouse. Although we promised in our Kickstarter campaign to ultimately bring Dex to more platforms, at the beginning we were focused almost solely on this PC version. One of Dex’s strengths is its vast hand-drawn locations of the city of Harbor Prime. Every corner and every facade is unique. Our intention was to avoid a patterned repetition of the environment so it was necessary to use a […]