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Silicon Jelly / Dreadlocks Mobile – acquisition of successful mobile game studio


Prague, Czech Republic05/23/2017


Dreadlocks Ltd is now pleased to announce it has completed its acquisition of Silicon Jelly s.r.o., mobile game development studio behind Mimpi, the popular series about a popular little dog, and the series of simple kids’ games, Little Mole.

Michal Červenka, CEO of Dreadlocks Ltd and the new CEO of Silicon Jelly s.r.o., had this to say about the acquisition: “We are very proud to have fused Dreadlocks and Silicon Jelly together. Dreadlocks was originally founded as a studio focusing on the development of mobile games, but immediately after our first game we moved to PC and consoles, putting our slate of mobile projects on ice. Thanks to this acquisition, we are now able to revive some of our earlier concepts for mobile games and also to take the Mimpi series of games to the next level. We believe that all the 3.5 million fans of this highly-popular doggy will be excited about our acquisition as it means they will finally be getting the new content they have been waiting for. The next Mimpi update is already in development.

As a result of its incorporation into the Dreadlocks family, Silicon Jelly will be rebranded. Michal Červenka adds: “We have wider plans for the Dreadlocks brand and this acquisition represents only the first phase. It is my pleasure to give you the name for this new division of our studio – Dreadlocks Mobile.

From today, Silicon Jelly will be exclusively presented as Dreadlocks Mobile. This new name will be used for all of our published mobile games in the coming months.

The first game to be released under the Dreadlocks Mobile brand will be the casual puzzle game, Rune Legends. “The new game emerges from our very first title, Rune Legend, the game our company was built on. This complete reboot of the original will now lay the foundations for our new mobile division,” adds Mr. Červenka.

Rune Legends is a simple puzzle game that takes its players on an epic journey through the realms of old Norse mythology. In its first release wave, it will be launched on iOS, Android and PC (Windows, Mac, Linux). We will announce the release date and unveil more about the game in the months to come


About Dreadlocks Ltd:

Dreadlocks Ltd is a Czech-British game development studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded in 2011 by a group of independent professionals from a wide range of game development disciplines. The first game published by the studio was Rune Legend for Windows Phone. The game was awarded multiple times and is still in the TOP 50 best logic games in selected countries. In 2015, the studio released the supremely successful, 2D sidescrolling cyberpunk RPG, Dex, on PC, Mac and Linux followed by, a year later, the Enhanced Edition on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita. Dex received multiple awards, including Best Czech-Slovak game of 2015 and “Excellence in Art” @ Best Czech Game of 2015 Awards. Dex was also the first Czech game to succeed in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and today is also the very first game with Czech dubbing to appear on game consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4. Currently, the studio is working on its new upcoming flagship game, Ghost Theory – a first person horror about ghost hunting and parapsychology research.


About Dreadlocks Mobile:

Dreadlocks Mobile, originally named Silicon Jelly, arose out of the successful creative agency Prague Bistro, in 2011. The studio created the extremely popular games Mimpi and Mimpi Dreams, which have already been played by more than 3.5 million gamers. The studio additionally created a series of ‘Little Mole’ games for kids and a casual action game, Bugocalypse. In February 2017, Silicon Jelly was acquired by Dreadlocks Ltd and transformed into the new Dreadlocks Mobile. This re-formed studio aims to maintain and further develop Mimpi Dreams, as well as to produce high-calibre new mobile titles. Their upcoming new puzzle game, Rune Legends, will be announced this summer.



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Petra Červenková
Twitter: @DreadlocksCZ