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Best Games from the Czech Republic at Gamescom

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Prague, Czech Republic08/17/2017


This is the first time that representatives of medium-sized gaming companies from the Czech Republic will present their games for journalists and partners at Europe’s biggest fair in the Gamescom under one national stand. Stand C15 / D16 marked “Czech Republic” will be located in hall 4.1, which is in the business zone, so if you want to visit the Czech developers, make sure your Gamescom ticket gives you the access.

We would like to invite game all journalists to 30 minutes meetings at our booths. If you’re interested to hear more about our games please use this link to reserve your time slot:

Dreadlocks will be glad to introduce their upcoming horror adventure Ghost Theory, to share news about cyberpunk RPG Dex, to show you their mobile puzzle game Rune Legends, and to tell you more about their upcoming new content for Mimpi Dreams.

In addition, Dreadlocks and online store prepared a small augmented reality game that will be exclusive to visitors of Gamescom. Lucky players will then win Virtual Reality HTC Vive, gaming console PlayStation 4, or one of thirty digital copies of Dex for PC.
In this game you’ll be asked to find photograph anomalies that are scattered across the Gamescom’s area. More your can find better the chances are to win. The app called Ghost Theory AR will be available by August 21 at

Do you like virtual reality entertainment? Then we certainly recommend you to try meet with Hyperbolic Magnetism, the only Czech company awarded with Apple Design Award, and try their game Beat Saber.

Czech online games will be represented by a survival RPG Novus Inceptio by McMagic Productions. The author of the game Martin Markus Mastný will gladly introduce you to new features that are coming soon into the Early Access version.

The developers from Perun Creative will show you their deep-themed RPG Hobo: Tough Life, in which you experience life as a homeless person.

There will be also developers from StarWell, a representative of Czech Games, Pavel Barák, and representatives of CzechTrade – Czech Trade Promotion Agency.

About Dreadlocks Ltd:
Dreadlocks Ltd is a Czech-British game development studio based in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded in 2011 by a group of independent professionals from a wide range of game development disciplines. The first game published by the studio was Rune Legend for Windows Phone. The game was awarded multiple times and is still in the TOP 50 best logic games in selected countries. In 2015, the studio released the supremely successful, 2D sidescrolling cyberpunk RPG, Dex, on PC, Mac and Linux followed by, a year later, the Enhanced Edition on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita. Dex received multiple awards, including Best Czech-Slovak game of 2015 and “Excellence in Art” @ Best Czech Game of 2015 Awards. Dex was also the first Czech game to succeed in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and today is also the very first game with Czech dubbing to appear on game consoles Xbox One and Playstation 4. Currently, the studio is working on their new flagship title, a first person horror about ghost hunting and parapsychology research – Ghost Theory.

About Hyperbolic Magnetism:
A small indie game studio run by Ján “Split” Ilavský and Vladimír “Loki” Hrinčár, based in Prague, Czech Republic. The studio’s production is continually exploring various genres of games. Their Lums is a physics based puzzle game about light and shadows, Oh My Heart is a brutal pixel art action game, Perfect Paths is a programming puzzle game. But the most popular game from Hyperbolic Magnetism is Chameleon Run – super fast award winning auto-runner. The studio will soon release their new baby – virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber.

About McMagic Productions:
McMagic Productions is a small indie studio from the Czech Republic, founded by Martin Markus Mastný. Recently working on a game called Novus Inceptio which is a survival RPG set to our planet, but far in the future. Despite of the fact, that the game is labeled as a survival game, it is not a typical survival challenge type of a game.

About Perun Creative:
Perun Creative is a small indie team from the Czech Republic. Currently working on a game called Hobo: Tough Life, which is now in Early Access on Steam. The game has been in development since December 2015.

About Czech Games – game developers association:
Czech Games is a non profit organization that aims to create a healthier and stronger games sector in Czech Republic by connecting, educating and motivating game developers, growing the games sector and increasing its visibility. The association was founded in 2008 and since then we created many events and various opportunities for students as well as professional game developers. Czech Games organize annual Czech Game of the Year Awards for best local games and one of the biggest and oldest Central European conference Game Developers Session, which expect around 1000 attendees this year in November.

About Gamescom:
“The Heart of Gaming” – that’s gamescom. The leading European trade fair for digital gaming culture is the meeting point for global companies from the entertainment industry and the international gaming community. Once again in 2017, Cologne will stand for innovation, enthusiasm and playing fun: the next gamescom takes place from 22 to 26 August!


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